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Happy Campers INDEPTH | FOCUS

Happy Campers

As the Club’s summer camp season nears, young Members talk fun in the sun, field trips with friends and new ways to grow.

At the turn of the 20th century, American parents began to worry that rapid industrialization and urbane society would overcoddle their children. The only solution, they reasoned, was to send the younger generation back into what remained of the frontier forests for weeks of axe handling, orienteering and rugged character building.

School Assessment Six Degrees

School Assessment

Member Stefan Sacré explains what a stint as an engineering fellow at the University of Tokyo taught him about Japan’s education system and its future.

The university environment was quite different from Germany, especially in how the focus was on applied research in Japan. I found it very refreshing. In Germany, there was a lot of value placed on theoretical works. 

Course Camaraderie INDEPTH | SPORTS

Course Camaraderie

Fairway fanatics describe how the Club’s Men’s Golf Group enhances the greatest game ever played.

On the 18th tee, Simon Dalby led by a hole.

His opponent, Michael Saunders, fired his tee shot over a lake to a pocket of fairway. His seven-iron approach from 185 yards cleared antother water hazard and came to a rest just feet from the pin. Dalby was right behind him to the green in three, but Saunders two-putted for a birdie and a tie to close the round.

Family Immersion Voice

Family Immersion

I come from a long line of travelers. Visiting Japan is a family business of sorts. I’ve been in and out of the country since 1966, and my first two arrivals were by ship.

Paving the way was my father, John F Howes, who first arrived here on January 1, 1947.