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Healing Hands INDEPTH | FOCUS

Healing Hands

The Spa’s professional wellness therapists offer treatments for a range of ailments, from recurring sports injuries to stress-induced aches.

The restorative powers of massage have been understood for centuries. Different forms of hands-on therapy have appeared in cave drawings, texts and paintings of ancient civilizations in Egypt and China as early as 2700 BC. Massage now features in cultures across the globe.

Devoted to the Drum indepth | taiko

Devoted to the Drum

Ahead of an exclusive Kodo performance and workshop at the Club this month, one member discusses life in the taiko troupe.

There’s something primal about the sound of Japanese taiko drums. It represents the pulse of traditional Japanese festivals, and a taiko troupe performance can be a mesmerizing experience. Especially if that troupe is Kodo.

Reconnecting with the Canvas Six Degrees

Reconnecting with the Canvas

A devoted artist as a child, Club Member Rujuta Paradkar reveals the joy of reimmersing herself in painting.

I used to draw and paint all the time. I was known as an artist at school. But I was torn between art and academics and, like a true Indian, I chose academics. I knew there was no money in art.

Conceiving a Capitol Crime INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Conceiving a Capitol Crime

Member Peter Stone explains how his experiences as a Washington intern informed his debut political thriller.

What do you do if you’re a starry-eyed politics junkie interning for a powerful Washington congressman and your colleague ends up dead? If you’re Cameron Carter, the protagonist of Peter Stone’s The Perfect Candidate, you start digging feverishly.