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Creative Control INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Creative Control

Set to speak at the Club this month, an illustrator behind anime blockbuster Your Name explains why he needed to wipe the slate clean.

Mateusz Urbanowicz knew he had to go for it.

Mastering Shochu INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Mastering Shochu

Set to host a tasting at the Club, shochu expert Christopher Pellegrini explains the appeal of Japan’s hugely popular liquor.

Before Christopher Pellegrini had drained his first glass of shochu at a Tokyo restaurant in 2002, he was hooked. It was new taste territory after years working in Vermont craft beer breweries.

Conceiving a Capitol Crime INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Conceiving a Capitol Crime

Member Peter Stone explains how his experiences as a Washington intern informed his debut political thriller.

What do you do if you’re a starry-eyed politics junkie interning for a powerful Washington congressman and your colleague ends up dead? If you’re Cameron Carter, the protagonist of Peter Stone’s The Perfect Candidate, you start digging feverishly.

Hermit Kingdom Insight INDEPTH | AUTHOR

Hermit Kingdom Insight

Set to speak at the Club this month, North Korea watcher Bradley Martin shares his thoughts on the future of the isolated state.

Little was known about North Korea in 1979. American journalist Bradley Martin was fascinated. After managing to gain accreditation to cover the World Table Tennis Championships in Pyongyang that year, he made the totalitarian state the focus of much of his career.