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Super Bowl Frenzy INDEPTH | SPORTS

Super Bowl Frenzy

With Super Bowl LIII right around the corner, Members describe the highs and lows of being a football fan half a world away.

The NFL season ends in heartbreak for 31 teams. Even for the lone champion, success is nearly as impossible to replicate as a fingertip sideline catch. 

Power and Poise INDEPTH | SPORTS

Power and Poise

Ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Member Jon Omori reflects on the highs and lows of his gymnastics career.

Accelerating through the air, Jon Omori releases his grip from the bar and, in a blur of fluid flips and twists, drops to the blue mat below. He lands with a thud, feet together and arms thrust upwards. The 7,000 spectators in the Denver Coliseum erupt into applause and cheers, as Omori’s coach offers him a congratulatory hug. 

Heavy Lifting INDEPTH | SPORTS

Heavy Lifting

While recovering from hip surgery, one Club Member discovered a passion for weightlifting.

Randy Laxer is beaming in the photo. Standing on a winners’ podium, a bronze medal draped around his neck, the American’s face is projected onto a big screen behind him.

Half Nelsons and Headlocks INDEPTH | SPORTS

Half Nelsons and Headlocks

Two young wrestling Club Members recently wrapped up another winning season on the mat.

Kazuho Kawashima pulls a black athletic sock over his heavily bandaged right ankle. It’s been just a week since surgeons inserted a screw in the top of the high school senior’s foot to pin together his ankle.