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Studying for a Better Life Voice

Studying for a Better Life

My new classmates are mostly from Uzbekistan. One, an engineer by training, now works the night shift cleaning a hotel. Another, a dentist by profession, hauls boxes at night for a courier. Another classmate works the graveyard shift as a bookkeeper.

Then it’s my turn to introduce myself. Your kids go where? ASIJ? What’s that? I say I’m taking time to learn the local language. So you’re taking Japanese class here because you just want to? I feel like a foreigner in the room.

Just a Number Voice

Just a Number

"Thirty-nine,” she replied without flinching. The perfect poker face. This was how my British friend responded when the dental receptionist asked for her age. Except she is not 39. She is 55. A beautiful, mature 55-year-old who cannot bear the thought of middle age, let alone old age.

Walking an Ancient Path Voice

Walking an Ancient Path

Where have you felt the most spiritual, moved and inspired? Many believers feel spiritually awakened at awe-inspiring holy sites like the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul or Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

The Carriage at the End of the Train Voice

The Carriage at the End of the Train

Just before my 9th birthday my family emigrated to South Africa. It was something of a change from our small village life in rural southern England. The village green, where local cricket teams played, was behind our house and, on weekends, my brother and I would imitate the men bowling in their smart cricket whites, all the while trying not to hit the ball into the duck pond.