Member Services

Conveniently located at the entrance to the B1 Family Lobby, Member Services is the Club's hub of information.

From registering Members for events and issuing parking stickers to organizing concert tickets and offering guidance on the Club’s facilities, the experienced Member Services staff can handle a range of requests.

Inquiries concerning lost and found items can be directed to Member Services.

Thanks to TAC-tix, Member Services' exclusive ticket service, you never need to miss out on your favorite artist's concert in Tokyo or much-anticipated sporting spectacle.

Discounted, often hard-to-get tickets to different events, from opera and musicals to rock concerts and sumo, are regularly updated here. Tickets can be picked up at Member Services.

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Japan’s oldest symphony orchestra’s 2017–18 season features symphonies, operas and acclaimed guest conductors.

Contact Member Services for details.

Exclusive Discount Tickets
Enjoy 10 percent off tickets for Blue Note Tokyo, the Cotton Club and Motion Blue Yokohama.

Contact Member Services for details.

Members may leave items at Member Services for a short period or for other Members to collect at another time.

Guests to the Club must be registered by a Member at the first-floor Formal or Family entrance or the B1 Family entrance.

Guests receive a guest pass, which acts as a receipt for any guest fees paid, and must be accompanied by a Member at all times. A guest may visit the Club no more than twice a month, regardless of the sponsoring Member.

Guide to Recreation and Sky Pool Guest Fees

        • Guests of Members wishing to use the Club’s recreation and fitness facilities are required to pay guest fees—either Recreation fees or Sky Pool fees (see below).
        • All fees are charged to the Member’s account.
        • Guest fees are valid for one day.
        • Members must accompany guests at all times.
        • Recreation fees allow guests access to all of the Club’s recreation facilities, including the locker rooms (guests under 12 years old should use the family changing rooms) but not the Sky Pool.
        • Sky Pool fees allow guests access to all of the Club’s recreation facilities.
        • Guests who use the 19th hole or Bowling Center will be charged an additional usage fee. However, if guests wish to use just those facilities, they will be charged the usage fee only.
        • Guests who use The Spa will be charged for treatments in addition to Recreation or Sky Pool fees.
        • Guest access to Recreation classes and events is limited.
        • Members should check with Recreation staff before registering guests for any class or event.

Recreation Guest Fees
Adults: ¥2,700
Juniors (16–19 years): ¥1,080
Children (15 years and under): ¥540

Sky Pool Guest Fees
January 1–May 31 and October 1–December 31
Adults: ¥2,700 | Ages 2–19: ¥1,080

June 1–September 30
Adults: ¥4,320 | Ages 2–19: ¥2,160
Weekends and national holidays
Adults: ¥6,480 | Ages 2–19: ¥4,320

Price includes 8 percent consumption tax.

Members who do not register guests and pay the appropriate guest fee will be charged three times the original fee. Those wishing to appeal the fine may do so at the following House Committee meeting.

The Cellar, opposite Member Services, is home to an array of handy amenities and services, including a rental DVD collection, an SMBC ATM and wine, courier, shoe repair and travel services.

Global courier delivery service.
Mon–Fri: 1–5pm
W-ends & hols: closed

Yamato Transport
Convenient domestic shipping for packages, including suitcases, golf bags and ski equipment, of up to 25 kilos.
Contact Member Services for details.

Professional shoe repair and polishing service.
Sun: 2–4pm (closed on Aug 5 and Aug 26)
Weekday drop-off: Member Services

Elite Club Perks
Members can enjoy discounted hotel stays and tickets for a host of sports events, shows, movies and concerts in North America through the Club-partnered Elite Club Perks program. Explore the benefits of this Member-exclusive service.

The Modern Honolulu
Members receive special rates at this chic boutique hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii. Explore availability.